Pool algae tip


June 17

I have had a problem with excessive green and black algae in my pool for many years. I have tried every, expensive, solution offered by the pool ‘experts’. This year I thought I would try something different.
Having previously had a pool fed by salty well water, and never having a trace of algae, I wondered if salt would do the trick – it does!
During the winter when the algae was absent, I bought a large bag of pool salt, €3.5 for 25 kilos, and added 5 kilos to the pool. When it was necessary to add water then I added another kilo of salt each time – I still have half a bag left. At this time of the year I expect the side of the pool, in the shade, to be covered in green and black algae – it isn’t! I don’t know if it will work if the pool already has the algae present but it’s worth a try – you only have €3.5 to lose! If you want to see the proof then come to my house in Crevillente – but bring beer.

Richard in Crevillente

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