Spain still needs UK


June 13

Sky News’ top story on 10th June 2016 reported that the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, warned that if the UK voted to leave the EU we would not be given access to the single market.
This is in the same week that the Costa Blanca News (issue 2192) reported exports from Murcia to the UK had increased by 64% last year, and that Britain is their second important market, bringing in 965 million euros to their region. Therefore, contrary to Minister Schaeuble’s threat, I feel sure that the Murcia producers would not agree or wish to stop trading with such a lucrative market.
This is just another unfounded threat. Do not be afraid to vote LEAVE!

Rita Hamilton

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  1. I am not afraid to vote Leave. However, I will vote Remain. I have not seen a single case by the Leave campaign which shows how any of their alleged proposals would work and what the economic benefits would be. All we seem to hear is that ‘everything will be fine’ and we shouldn’t talk Britain down.
    The idea that Britain is ‘Great’ in any real sense is a long debunked myth. The, alleged, fifth biggest economy in the world is handing out Foodbank goods to hundreds of thousands! It is only ‘Great’ for the wealthy. As always, Leaving will impact most on the ‘man in the street’.


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