Sorting out the banks

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February 25

Well done to Carlos San Juan for his efforts to try to sort out Spanish banks.

I have been with a very well-known bank for 25 years in Moraira. Staff were friendly, helpful, polite plus one could reach them on the telephone without any difficulty. But they were bought out by another bank (better not quote their name ) they have many many branches and a head office in Valencia.

They are listed on Google as being a good bank, but in practice far from it. My branch never answers the telephone. My ‘advisor’ actually answered an email I sent to her by saying “I am out of the office please telephone this number”. I tried but no one picks up the phone!

I have tried so many calls to the main complaints department using various different numbers who say they will deal with my problem, no one does!

I understand that this bank has just made many thousands of staff redundant due to the take over.

No, the business world cannot keep blaming the virus for the problems. They now charge me €3.95 to draw cash from an ATM machine if it is not outside one of their branches, plus I have noticed that all their charges for running my accounts have gone through the roof.

Oh and as I now live in Benidorm I thought I will change branches, but no one answers their telephone either !

Keep up the good work Carlos, but banging one’s head agains´´t a wall comes to mind.

R Jarvis

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