Girl burned in street acid spill

The type of acid based cleaning fluid that allegedly caused the burns

By Emma Randle

A school girl suffered serious burns after falling down in a puddle of cleaning acid on a pavement in Almería city two weeks ago.

The girl, aged 13, was leaving the Celia Viñas secondary school when she slipped in a seemingly innocuous pool of liquid on the pavement outside the school gates.

At first her classmates laughed, but then watched with horror as the acid burned through her clothes and onto her skin, according to an account of the incident by the victim’s grandfather.

The teenager was rushed to Torrecárdenas hospital where it was found she had suffered burns to around 20 per cent of her body, including her hips, legs and part of her torso.

It subsequently emerged that the acid was cleaning liquid that had been used by city street cleaners to clean off graffiti in the area.

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