Els Poblets
March 30, 2016

We’ve been robbed, we haven’t reported it, there is not much point.
Let me explain. We sold our house and downsized. We sold for €305,000 and bought for €210,000, making a nice €95,000 for us, right? Wrong. First we have to pay 10% tax on the new house, €21,000. Then there are agents fees, typically 5%. On a €305,000 house this equals €15,250 plus tax. We had to bring our escritura up to date after alterations (all with permission). There is no legal obligation to do so but a buyer expects it. This necessitates an architect’s visit, with consequent fees plus tax. This took all of 30 seconds.
Next, our habitation certificate was a few months out of date. They expire after 10 years. A visit from the town hall architect is necessary, with fees plus tax. Anyone could see our house was of habitable standard.
Then there was that utterly useless paper exercise, the energy certificate. More fees plus tax.
Next the ‘plusvalia’. This is a tax on the supposed value of our plot when we bought it compared with the supposed value when we sold. Murla town hall charged us €4,754. Presumably this helped pay for that ridiculous oversized bell tower which is completely out of character with the tiny village. Also for the new extra-wide footpaths which I am sure will hardly be used.
We had to pay for our house with a banker’s draft. This is a cheque made out by the bank with which they guarantee payment. No problems for them as they have our money. For this ‘service’ they charge a percentage, which in our case amounted to €754. Absolutely outrageous.
Then to the notary, where we pay €950 for the upgraded escritura. A few sheets of paper in a buff folder, in our name, which is immediately superseded with another one in the name of our buyers. Then €700 property registration.
Then our very reasonable legal fees plus tax.
Over €45,000 of our money gone, with damn all to show for it, and we are expected to keep quiet. Still, I suppose someone has to pay for all the corrupt politicians and bankers so it may as well be us. The robbers make the laws so it is all perfectly legal.

Paul Whitfield, once of Murla,
now Els Poblets

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