PP and national health


March 27, 2016

I have been following the “circus” of the politicians and wonder how far they will go. The old story of a politician as a candidate for office can say anything, and if elected, they have years to tell people why they could not do what they promised.
That was one thing I noticed here. The second thing was that I never have seen a PP party member in our National Health department here in the last 12 years. I understand that Castedo used a private doctor when she had her baby. I am wondering why the PP party people never use the National Health System. They are the managers of the Health System yet they do not use it. Is it only for the “little people” and they use private doctors? Further, I wonder who is paying for the private doctors for these PP party people? I assume it is us. I cannot help for wondering if the PSOE is also adverse to using the NHS.

Robert Allison

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