Belgian attacks and Brexit


Email, March 23

With the awful news of the terrorist attacks in Belgium I wonder if the sceptics who would rather come out of Europe will have changed their minds. I believe safety in numbers, wherever you live in this wicked world. I feel for the innocent Muslims who will undoubtedly take the slack for this atrocity.
With so many migrants trying to make their way into Europe, how many of them are just infiltrating, not fleeing a war torn country? I dare say hundreds if not thousands who have been busy making plans to blow themselves up, taking innocent men, women and children with them throughout the world.
Personally, I would send all of them back. Turn back the boats they arrive in before setting foot on land, instead of people ‘feeling sorry for the children’. It’s not down to every Tom, Dick or Harry across Europe to bail them out of trouble. Let the cowardly men fight for their country or rebuild it, there are plenty of jobs to go round now.
Contrary to what one might think, I am not racist. I believe in living in harmony, in peace, but the insanity of these terrorists makes it difficult to liken ourselves to the people.
There are several unprintable words I could use… suffice it to say, the death penalty comes to mind.

Linda Garfield

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