Road safety

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September 1

Dear Editor,

I drive back and forth to work every day via a mountain road which is quite dangerous at the best of times due to a lot of blind spots and bends on the way.

My issue is with the cyclists, apparently it must be their favourite route as I pass lots of cyclists daily.

This is not the problem, the problem is when they all decide to cycle together maybe as many as three or four abreast, happily chatting to each other and it is impossible to get past them.

So with a lot of patience, I have to drive behind them really slowly until they decide to go in single file, which many times they just don’t want to do.

The other day I got a bit annoyed as I was behind them for at least 10 minutes, until I finally moved right out into the other lane to overtake them only to hear them shouting abuse and making rude gestures with their hands.

Surely there must be some sort of law that when you are cycling on small country roads that you cannot block the way making it impossible for cars to pass. This is not the first time this has happened to me and I suppose it won’t be the last..

I just wonder if others have had the same problem.

David Justin

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