‘The Need To Share’


(A poem inspired by the sorry state of affairs in Britain)
I only have my pension
And I have to live on that
I can hardly afford to feed myself
As I have to feed my cat
I can’t put on my heating
As I can’t afford the bills
So I sit at night
In candlelight
And suffer winter chills
I used to love my ‘Bingo’
But the bus fares doubled twice
And the cost of playing ‘Bingo’
Means I’d have to live on rice
I’ve worked right up to pension age
I’ve paid all of my dues
I thought that now I’m elderly
I could maybe take a cruise
But rising prices quashed my dreams
My meagre savings went
On living very frugally
The money now all spent
The government don’t understand
How we struggle to survive
They just don’t seem to care at all
If we’re dead or we’re alive
I only pray that things will change
Why must we all despair
In a country that is rich in wealth
But lacking need to share.
The End

by David Whitney Torrevieja ©2022

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