Albox corruption claims persist

Council slams opposition’s accusations of ‘illegal file handling’ as ‘fantasy’

New mayor Sonia Cerdán and councillors are fending off opposition attacks

By Emma Randle


The installation of a new mayor in Albox has not put an end to old bitterness after the opposition party accused the council of “illegally moving council files” last week.

Albox council dismissed the claims as “unfounded” and “pure fantasy”, however, saying council officials were simply moving documents as part of the “proper administration” of council business.

The complaint arose after members of the Partido Popular (PP) party said they saw the chief of local police loading up a police car with 40 boxes of council files at the local PSOE headquarters to transport them to the town hall last Wednesday March 16.

The PP alleged they were files they had previously seen ex-mayor Rogelio Mena taking to the PSOE offices before he was forced to step down as mayor, insinuating they were documents relating to “various alleged corruption cases”.


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