Regarding Paul Arnold’s comment


November 27, 2017

Hi Paul Arnold
Love your articles and missed it from last week’s publication.
This week’s about braggarts had me chuckling and brought to mind many similar people that I have met.
Most of us like to share similar stories during a conversation, but these folks are only interested in their own of course and fail to realise what a pain in the arse they are.
When I was serving in the Royal Navy in the 60’s and 70’s, no crap was taken from anyone and baiting over weak points, aberrations in appearance or character were always good reasons for light-hearted banter; toughened us up no end!
The people that you refer to were known as “black cats”, in that if you had a black cat, they had a puma! Fondly known as “black-catting bastards”.

Graham Shelton
Retired CBN contributor

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