I want to get a gas inspection!


November 23

Dear Editor
I have natural gas piped into my house in Gran Alacant and I am due a regular inspection. I couldn’t be here at the end of August when the engineer was due to call, because of other commitments.
I have spent since the end of May trying to arrange an alternative appointment. Many phone calls to the number provided (they usually cannot help and put the phone down without trying!), many emails to their customer service address, four letters reminding me of our obligations, and one actual appointment, when nobody came!
There does not appear to be any alternative business that can carry out the inspection in the whole of the province. I wouldn’t bother further, but I want to sell the house and need the inspection document. This is probably the worst customer service I have experienced in 13 years here. I understand from my solicitor that I may not be alone in this trap! Oh well, time to stop the contract, I guess.
Hey, how about a Consumer Support column to help readers like myself? Power of the press and all!

Yours sincerely
Chris James

Dear Mr James
The Gas Natural website has a page dedicated to gas inspections and a section to consult a) if your house has failed the test, or b) if you were not at home when the inspector called round. We can only suggest you try this – or of course threatening to change suppliers is usually effective. Your idea of a consumer support column is a very good one and we are considering it for the near future.

Regards Ed.

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