Postal service in Playa Flamenca


January 4

Dear Editor,

I think the appalling service being offered by the post office in Playa Flamenca needs to be brought to the attention of higher authorities, and they should be held accountable.

There are major issues which need to be addressed in the general public interest.

They fall short in so many areas it’s hard to know where to start.

The staff are extremely rude and unhelpful, there is no assistance whatsoever for the majority of users in the area who are English speakers.

The opening hours and staff numbers cannot cope with demand. Over the last two months the queues have been very long and waiting time on average is at least an hour.

In spite of this, the office was closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Upon arrival this morning at 08.00 before opening time there was already 14 other people waiting.

I have experienced many examples of important mail going completely missing or taking months to arrive. I have paid for a Correos post office box, and yet items are still randomly delivered to my home post box, and because of this I have had mail returned to the sender because it was not picked up in time.

The whole operation is failing completely on every level, and the management should be sacked for their incompetence.

I hope you take this very seriously as it is of great importance to thousands of people in the area.

Stephen Maple

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your letter. We have asked the Post Office (Correos) to comment on the situation and to provide an explanation. We hope to be able to offer a more in-depth answer in the near future
Dave Jones

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