Playa Flamenca is neglected


Playa Flamenca
July 19

Living in Playa Flamenca for seven years now and I can say that I am going to leave it and buy a property in an area of Spain where it is clean, and the council do a better job than this one on the Coast and in Orihuela City – The town council are useless.
We have local councillors who pretend to care and do something about the mess but they do not work hard enough. They have failed to sort out the problem of the little businesses putting their flyers on the ravine railings, under car wipers, the bill posters also stuck on the ravine railings, the taxi stickers on electric cupboard doors, the advert posters put up on property walls, the rubbish lying around the streets, the bins un-emptied (the few that there are) AND should I even mention the overflowing rubbish and green waste bins?
The council are a disgrace! Taking our money and not giving a proper service. AND what about that bit of council-owned land in Nicholas de Bussie, (the Saturday market street,) a fine bit of green netting to hide what can only be described as a dumping ground for the council workers or a pit for all kinds of rubbish, dog poo, vermin and generally a bloody eyesore!
People are ashamed of this area; we dare the ‘councillor’ to come out or even the mayor and look at what we are moaning about – Proud of Playa Flamenca? NO I AM NOT,

Janet Collins-Dore

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  1. Playa flamenca is a really nice place to live I think you’ve too little on your mind and are going a bit crazy going on about stickers and flyers the rubbish is collected every day and the place is cleaner than any part of uk or Ireland you’ve lost the plot


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