Orihuela Costa – ‘lack of waste services’

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The lack of timely waste collection and the poor state of pavements particularly in Las Filipinas means the whole area around waste bins sometimes resembles a rubbish tip. Weeds are growing from poorly maintained pavements and when they do clear areas they often just dump the waste.

I know these stories are covered quite regularly but you may wish to send a reporter to have a look at the area and run yet another story about the appalling lack of services we receive here on the Orihuela Costa.

Dear David,
Thank you for your letter. We have run a number of stories about these problems in Orihuela Costa. However, we will endeavour to get down and have a look at the particular area you have highlighted.
The Editor

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  1. Hello, we live in Dreamhills and have written over 100 complaints to the Ayuntamiento, to the Urbanisation, to the Defensor de Pueblo and tried to report rubbish flytipping in our street opposite our house but now the Urbanisation is telling me , they are annoyed as we are the only ones complaining – the waste containers are affecting us with all the junk and noise because they are at our house. The urbanisation want to defend criminal neighbours who think the street at our house is s dump yard for everyone at anytime. It is disgusting for us and is against the law but we cannot find any support to defend our right of a life without a dump yard at the doorstep. On top the waste trucks for garden waste came almost every night at 3:20 with a lot of noise – we could not sleep at all. We managed to get at least the garden waste container removed but now the urbanisation wants to reinstate it again at our door though the ayuntamiento Orihuela Costa moved it away after many complaints.
    We think our urbanisation wants to make our life unbearable since they do not want criticism.


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