Dolores Fería and the bulls


July 14

I´’m not sure if this is the correct department to write to, however if not, I hope you will pass this on. In less than 4 weeks, it will be Dolores Fería – and once again, this year they are bringing in the bullring.
I live between Catral and Dolores and every year I go to see this event and have even taken part in the procession. I know your paper has reported on it in the past, yet I have seen nothing but good reports and I wonder where your information is coming from. Every year that I go, I spend my time topping up buckets of water for the horses, and previously have had to get the vet when one horse was clearly suffering from colic. I believe the horse was taken away the same day. It is so hot and there should be someone there constantly throughout the feria to ensure the welfare of the animals. There is not.
However, that is not my main concern. My main concern at this time is the bullring. I went last year and paid to go in and see what happened. People were telling me it is not like bullfighting, it is not animal abuse, the animals are not killed.
I can tell you 100%, having seen it with my own eyes; it is 100% animal abuse. Yet the place was absolutely packed full, parents with their children, even mothers with their babies on their knee! Unbelievable! Whilst I was there, the poor cattle were brought in individually, and many teenage boys and young men were taunting them. Those poor animals were terrified, their tongues lolling out and their eyes rolling. Sheer terror. And people enjoy watching this? They must be mentally ill if they think this is entertainment and allow their children to watch.
The excuse is that the animals are only out there for 15 minutes. I would ask anyone to change places with that animal and be put in the centre of a ring, with other animals surrounding them, screaming and waving at them… not knowing how long it will last and what the outcome will be… just experiencing pure terror.
I am writing to ask if you could be involved in starting a petition to ask Dolores town hall to cancel this barbaric event. To bring a bullring in exposes Dolores Town Hall to massive shame. It is a giant step backwards to a barbaric and depraved time when people did not have the education to understand their immoral and vile actions.
There is very little time to take action on this, but I really hope you can help in this matter. It is urgent for those who do not have a voice of their own. They do not want this and we have to help them.

Thank you
Amanda Greaves

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