Pier problems


Readers of the Costa Blanca News Facebook page responded to the headline ‘Pier repairs still in the pipeline’, with the report appearing on page 16 of this week’s paper.

A town hall spokesman noted that the council board has approved the procedure to put the works out to tender for €8.46 million.

However, many readers want the job speeded up.

Isabella Palmer said she ‘walked on it two weeks ago, the boards are really bad and unsafe in places. I stayed on the paved path. Shame really cos its lovely usually’.

Sharon Baxter stated that ‘it’s dangerous, full of holes’.

And Jan Fleming noted: “It’s a fabulous walk, but you spend all your time watching where you put your feet and you miss the view.”

She added that for people with disabilities, it is very dangerous.

Richard Davis said: “It’s a disgrace, you try walking as a disabled person with crutches, or try a wheelchair, etc.”

But not everyone was convinced about the problems.

Fred Angles stated: “What’s wrong with it? It’s great.”

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