Plastic sea


Orihuela Costa
August 9, 2017

It is no surprise that the Mediterranean is full of various plastic items, mainly plastic bags.
Well, I think we on the Costa are contributing a lot to that! Just have a look around the Boulevard in La Zenia. The area bordering the motorway opposite the garage there and along the side of the road parking by the Chino store is littered with plastic bags. Where do we think they will end up?
What about the wasteland area by the new Playa Flamenca school towards Los Dolces and opposite the bars of Concieto and Pablos? They blow up from the markets – and I think that’s the answer.
Stop the market people using plastic bags for everything they sell, and bring back paper bags. Give us more little bins and not the ugly smelly ones that children and older people struggle to use? Going to other areas in Spain, we see many small litterbins attached to lamp posts or along the pavements for pedestrians to use.
Playa Flamenca is a tip! It’s the only word for it. The ravine has rusty rails with ugly bins in front of it and paper from flyers stuck under the railings. These business should be made responsible for the litter they cause too. Bring back fines. What message do the council send out to the visitors? I for one actually apologise to my visitors for the mess – I am so ashamed.
The plastic bags given out by shops and traders needs to stop because they are contributing to the sea problem. Ashamed to say I live in Playa Flamenca, the slum on the Costa.

Janet Wilfred

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