Nothing is guaranteed


July 19, 2016

Reading Ambassador Simon Manley’s response (Nothing is Guaranteed) to the potentially disastrous situation millions of UK citizens may find themselves in as a result of the UK Government’s decision to pursue Brexit on the back of a dubious referendum result, I was transported back more than 2,000 years to Israel and a time when the Romans also faced demands from a nasty, vociferous, nationalist clique and decided to let it dictate policy.
Unlike Mr Manley, however, at least Pontius Pilate had the decency to keep the waffle to a minimum when washing his hands of a tricky situation and attempting to shift the responsibility elsewhere, a strategy which is as transparent today as it was then.
And in case you were in any doubt, now as then it is also very clear who is going to be crucified.

Sian Bowen MPhil., ACIL

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