Parents should take control to prevent childhood obesity

Parents are ultimately responsible for what their children eat, not the government or the advertising industry

THE KNIVES are out for the government for its response to the UK’s obesity crisis.
Critics say new plans for action don’t go far enough to reduce the amount of junk food advertising that children are exposed to. Yet the answer is not to shield youngsters from marketing, it’s for adults to be stricter.
Kids see adverts and hassle their parents to buy. Many find it difficult to turn down these requests because they don’t want to see their children unhappy. Hence the increasing number of fat kids waddling up and down our streets, noses in crisp bags and the previous night’s bucket of fast food swill in their stomachs.
The pester power they wield is strong indeed. But all mum and dad have to do is say “no” more often.
If precious little Tarquin continues to insist, keep refusing. He’ll cry, stamp his feet, say you’re the worst parents, like in the world ever and will unfriend you on happychatinstafacebookgram. But he’ll soon get the message that his badgering won’t work.

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