To Brexit, or not to Brexit…


March 10, 2016
Dear Sir
When people uproot and go and set up home or buy property in another country, they should be very wary of the consequences if events don’t always turn out as planned.
Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen if and when the UK leaves or stays in the Euro zone. If the UK had a good deal, why did Cameron need to go and get a better deal before the referendum? And did he get a better deal. The UK does more trade outside the Euro zone than in – that’s a fact.
Germany trades more BMWs, Mercedes and Audis with the UK than the rest of the other 27 members put together – that’s a fact. Does anyone really think Germany will put a 20% trade tariff on their goods to us? Never.
The UK pays in much more than the benefits it gets out, so I think it is now time to leave and concentrate on new and better trade deals around the world.
It is going to be a nail biting finish and a few sleepless nights for the expats before June 23.

Yours sincerely
B Kendall

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