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January 6, 2016

Oh dear, John (no not one of those letters; but could be!), I do think you are in a bit of a tizzy.
I have been resident in Spain for 30-odd years, came before Spain was in the EU, to operate a business. Previously had been self-employed in England and Scotland. So you could say I have experience in seeing both sides. Now retired of course, but still here because I know which side of my bread is buttered.
Please do not assume I am not a patriot. I served in the armed forces, swore allegiance to our Queen. Have you? Were you one of those National servicemen that I gave out their postings to, to distant foreign places – Singapore, Aden, Christmas Island, Cyprus, Germany, even Scotland? Probably not, because you don´t seem to have much of a handle on things in Spain.
If you imagine we Brits are so valuable to the Spanish economy, perhaps it’s as well you have returned to the north of England. We retired expats are the poor amongst the other nationalities. Believe me, I have paid into both systems so can “do the maths”.
In UK we do not pay at the same rate as the other Europeans do during their working lives. Hence our poor basic retirement pension.
If ,John, you imagine Spain will lose out on our spending as tourists, just go and walk around Benidorm. The beach is free, as is the sunshine, but the usual British tourist will make straight for the British bar for his British beer and a British menu at a British-owned restaurant.
The fact that I left my home country, where I have close family members, does not mean I have cut all ties. If we follow your reasoning, John, do you think we should discontinue, for Britain, our exploration into space? What could we possibly say if we met an alien? Hey you, get back from where you came? Since you find it unacceptable for people to relocate across a stretch of water (the Channel), perhaps you should buy a holiday home in my stretch of the woods, the West Country, where you will be welcomed as a buyer but forever “a grockle”.


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  1. what happen to the German car Producer in England for instance? They have 400 000 workers today in England. I think BMW with Mini will leave, they don´t want to pay taxes for a German car build in England, exported to Germany and all of EU. “May be” today with “Global Britain” what the hell is that? Going back to have Colonies? Is not possible. We will have enormous problems with the Brexit.

  2. Oh Dear Alice
    I love Spain and its people thats why I chose my property near to Granada where the need to be able to converse and understand the Spanish language where not a necessity is very helpful if you want to be served Bread insted of butter or worse,
    Im surprised that you under estimate your value to your adopted home instead feeling grateful that you have in deed been accepted as it is the Germans who are the saviours of Spain in your eyes thats probebly the reason the Spanish health service includes many of the top hospitals in Europe now unlike a few years ago when even the hypodermics were re used,
    Spain has benefited massively by being a member of the EU you only have to witness the Billions spent on there empty tole roads and briliant state of the art hospitals I wonder if the fact as Alice stated that Germany indeed are the ones who are No 1 to the Spanish economy and leaders of the EU has anything to do with this massive EU investment hrm does Angela Merkel have a holiday home there,
    Being from the Northeast of England although the poor relation to the capital doesn’t necessarily mean We all Holiday in Benidorm.
    As with regards re locating to Spain that would be a dream come true wow the land of milk and honey or as at my house it was Almonds Figs Pomegranates’ and olive’s.

    Adios John


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