More freedom for some


The ministry for health has given more freedom to residents living in small towns and villages.

According to a six-page order published in the state official bulletin (BOE) this morning, the measures apply to municipalities which have populations under 10,000, which are in phase zero or phase one of the exit plan.

However, they must also have fewer than 100 residents per square kilometre – which rules out many small towns in Alicante province.

From this morning (Friday, May 22) bars and restaurants in these areas can serve customers inside their premises (night clubs and ‘night bars’ are excluded), according to the BOE.

The order also ‘removes restrictions on exercise’ so that the current time slots no longer apply.

They can travel a maximum of five kilometres from their home to practise sport (within their province).

The order also allows ‘all the people who live together in the same house’ to go out together, if they so wish.

However, the BOE notes that town halls or regional governments can ask the ministry of health to suspend the order if they consider that there is a risk to residents’ health



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