Mixing with the wrong Brits?


January 28

In response to the letter written by Tony Christopher, all I can say is that he is either living in the wrong part of Spain or mixing with the wrong Brits.
Having lived here for 13 years, my friends have all attempted to learn the language and can definitely say more than ‘buenos dias’. My granddaughter was born in Torrevieja and her first language is Spanish. My daughter lives in a typical Spanish village and has fully integrated with the locals. As a family, we never go to the British bars or restaurants and prefer paella or tortilla to fish and chips any day!
Our friends in the UK have recently bought a holiday home in a village nearby with the intention of living here permanently in the future and can already speak some Spanish, intending to be as near fluent as possible by the time they come to live.
So, Mr. Christopher, do not tar all Brits with the same brush.
Yes, I admit that a large percentage of retirees cannot even ask for a postage stamp in Spanish, but maybe they need to get away from Benidorm… a place I absolutely hate with a passion.

C. Mort

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