Call for a united Orihuela Costa

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September 23

Dear Editor,

Even though PIOC and CLARO are separate parties, independence is the only objective that makes us different, but the rest of our objectives are no different.

The next few elections will not be a referendum for independence but more about decentralisation of power towards Orihuela Costa, a fairer budget, a cultural centre, improved services, infrastructure, etc.

It is PIOC’s objective with the collaboration of CLARO, associations, businesses and groups to join together to achieve a solution to solve the lack of municipal services in Orihuela Costa.

Complaining is not enough, meeting with councillors who come to the coast with their great pronouncements, promise everything but do not deliver them.

Their token gestures of painting a few lines, roundabouts and filling pot holes with sand is exactly what they think of the residents of the coast.

They are misleading the coast into thinking that the council are a caring council, hoping that you will vote for them. Like the sand in the pot holes, it is all a waste of time, time is slipping away, a waste of your taxes.

The time for talking is almost over, it’s time for unity and to act. It’s time to put egos and self-objectives away and think how best can we serve Orihuela Costa, otherwise other parties who do not have the best interests of the coast, will benefit. Meaning another four years of abandonment and intransigence at the hands of Orihuela.

We need to reach out to communities, presidents and urbanisations to explain that Orihuela Costa cannot keep going on the way it is.

If something doesn’t change soon, we dread to think what the future of Orihuela Costa will be like this time next year and in years to come.

We continue to extend an olive branch to CLARO and its membership, let us unite and get representatives on an unique candidates list from Orihuela Costa. Forget this one word that divides us but think of all the other objectives that we agree on, this is what PIOC wants and what Orihuela Costa needs, not a divided Orihuela Costa which will fail but a united Orihuela Costa which will have a future.

Soon PIOC will have a youth division as the teenagers of today do not see themselves as a part of Orihuela but only as a part of the community of Orihuela Costa.

These young residents are the future and will take over to carry on our incredible journey, together. Unified, we can achieve success, one step at a time.

We have just left the station on a train journey towards independence, with many stops along the way to fight the elections and gain more representatives from Orihuela Costa.
Food for thought – bad councillors are elected by residents not voting. Orihuela Costa has a voice, use it in next May’s elections.

If it is your intention to vote watch out for our special events around the coast explaining the registration process with a special guest to answer questions.

Remember you need to be a resident for at least three years, in the meantime you can help by checking that your details, especially your address, are correct on the ‘padron’.

Kind regards,
PIOC – Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa

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