Cyclists are their own worst enemies


Los Dolses
January 31. 2018

Much is being done to protect the cyclist from the wicked motorists. But nobody seems to understand that the cyclist is his own worst enemy! I’m sure many, many people can tell tales of woe about near misses brought on by the stupidity of some cyclists.
I thought I had seen most things, until the other day when I was confronted with a 30+ year old cyclist shooting out onto the N332 in front of me and riding rapidly straight at me after he had ridden the wrong way up the slip road between La Zenia and Playa Flamenca. He obviously did not see me as I swerved into the central lane because he was too busy with his mobile phone on which he was writing a message whilst riding No Hands! This must surely be no. 1 in crass idiocy!
I am a fairly keen cyclist myself so do not have an axe to grind, but the way a large majority of cyclists (and skate-boarders plus other motorised board riders) behave is frightening and it is about time rules were introduced to protect the motorists against the stupidity of these people

Barry Weston


  1. This time of the year is a nightmare for those of us who regularly use the Calpe – Moraira road. The hordes of competitive cyclists using this road for time trials is unacceptable. They speed up to 60 kph without regard for other road users, they are aggressive and ride in a manner which can only be described as lunatic. I strongly object to them putting their lives at risk and my becoming part of their accident. I will refrain from quoting specific incidents because regular users of the road know only to well the behaviour of these irresponsible people from their own frustrating experiences. They come here from all over Europe to race around the local roads, together with support vehicles etc. It is high time they showed more respect and courtesy to their fellow roads users, though its a vain hope because I doubt they will. No one doubts their right to use the roads, but I do protest most vigorously about the way they behave. Apart from some of their crazy antics being illegal they put their own lives at risk and cause delays and frustration to others.


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