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January 15, 2018

I had to smile to myself when reading it, finding it difficult to understand how any sensible person could wish for a communist party to be elected in the UK.
Try telling the people of, what was the USSR, how wonderful it was, where they were not allowed to leave their country. If they tried they would likely be shot, or sent to a prison in Siberia, or the ones who were living in East Germany, who would have also faced the same fate if they tried to get into West Germany.
And as for capitalism, Do you really think the likes of the excuse of a human being who is the leader of North Korea, and the so called elite of other communist countries are not living a lifestyle that would be the envy of many capitalists, who have probably worked hard for what they have. And in so doing, have created thousands of jobs for people who want to work.
You also go on about the unions, they were on strike and you got a pay rise YIPEE. I was born in 1932 so have been around for a while, I remember well the winter of discontent, (Labour were in power), when I drove through London and the streets were piled high with rubbish, hospitals were turning patients away, and the bereaved were unable to bury their dead.
I also recall the stupid strikes called by the idiotic union leaders. I remember well one that was in a shipyard, where they had a six-week strike because the pathetic idiots could not decide who should draw a chalk line on a sheet of steel. They are the ones who killed the ship building industry in Britain. Thankfully a woman came along who had the guts to take them on and beat them.

PS Your dream, is my nightmare
Rita Hamilton

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