Letter to Jávea mayor

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Botanic Cabanilles, Jávea
October 7


I have been trying for several years to persuade Mayor Chulvi to take a walk along Botanic Cabanilles past the Centro Medico. I have yet to receive an acknowledgement, let alone a reply, to any of my many communications. The only member of council to listen to me is Rosa Cardona, who unfortunately for me is part of the minority political party.

I hope José Chulvi will either read this letter or have it read to him as he seems not to have time for any matter which does not afford him a photo opportunity.

The trees in Botanic Cabanilles are enormous. They overhang the properties in the road, they block out the sun and their roots have pushed up the surrounding paving stones creating a hazard for anyone walking along. The width of remaining pavement is barely wide enough for a wheelchair to pass, as I am unfortunately discovering, and the fallen leaves are slippery and also hide the broken slabs.

In the eleven years I have lived here the trees have been pruned only once and then so lightly that they were encouraged to grow even more vigorously. This road has to be the most neglected in Jávea.

I am at my wit’s end and can’t think of anything else that I can legally do.

Sonia Kleyman

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