LAMBs wrecking Brexit


Els Poblets
December 14

I see that your correspondents in the UK are still firmly in the grasp of the diminishing half of the population who think the EU is the best thing since sliced aristocrat.
Admittedly the Conservatives, unled by Mrs May, have made a Horlicks of the ‘negotiations’. But this is because she has been surrounded by half her own party and the whole of the Civil Service who are Remainers.
These people, I suggest, should be known as the acronym LAMB, Luvvies Academics Media and BBC who have all been doing their damnedest to wreck Brexit. They are lambs indeed, happy to go the slaughter rather than be part of a Democratic Nation State.
This is because they think Nation and Sovereignty are wicked words but robbing people of these things, which means a self-governing state – look in your dictionary – is the wicked thing. To turn what was a helpful trade agreement into an unyielding dictatorial bureaucracy, take billions of money and never publish audited accounts is a crime in every book except that of the Remainers.
Making a United State of America was a good and successful thing, it was a new continent, but trying to do a similar thing with nearly two dozen countries with long centuries of very different histories and cultures is a scoutmaster’s dream. No one is 100% patriotic or 100% ‘my country right or wrong’.
There is a lot about Britain and the British that a lot of us are not happy about. But neither are we 0% and that is what the EU with its ‘ever closer’ policy is demanding. Take away Italianness from an Italian or being Gallic from the French etc etc and you have taken half their lives away. This is too subtle for the LAMBs which is why they cannot see that just like Napoleon was wrong so is the EU.
Make no mistake we should look at this as war (with a small w) because it really is Us or Them! The EU is failing (largely because of its one currency policy) and they know our leaving would trigger the eventual KO.
We should look upon our leaving as a good and moral thing, which we should all be fighting for stoutly, not timorously running away from

Yours faithfully
Peter Henham

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