Mixed pension aged couples’ rules

July 12
With reference to William P A Beaumont’s letter in last week’s issue. Mr Beaumont would have reason to be worried if his letter reflected the facts. He asserts that if one partner is older than the other then the older must relinquish their pension and both parties must claim universal credit.
A quick look at the gov.uk website will alleviate his mind I’m sure as these new rules of the 15th May 2019 apply only to those applying for housing benefit and it is that benefit which is affected and certainly not state pension.
Many people before me have reminded others that state pension is an entitlement which, rightly, is not means tested. It is not a benefit. I do think that printing Mr Beaumont’s letter without clarification of the facts was a little irresponsible of the Costa News – no doubt, I wasn’t the only one who went straight to Google as it appeared fairly obvious that Mr Beaumont had interpreted the information, which he had, incorrectly.
Dorothy Stansfield

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