Independence for the coast?

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May 16

Dear Editor,

The founders of Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa (P.I.O.C) are in the process of registering a new party for the residents of Orihuela Costa.

Residents will very soon have a choice who to vote for in the May 2023 elections to represent them, from a choice of candidates that live on the coast, to campaign for the rights of equality, a fair share of the budget, improved services, infrastructure and better integration for the multicultural nationalities who make up the community of Orihuela Costa.

As we are in the process of legalising P.I.O.C. the voice of the coast, it is necessary to take our next step. We think the whole of Orihuela Costa should contest the elections in May 2023 as a united community, councillors from Orihuela Costa, to represent Orihuela Costa.

Therefore, we offer the opportunity to all associations of Orihuela Costa and CLARO to participate, form a unique candidate list for Orihuela Costa to contest the next elections. We believe that if we ALL work together, we could gain three to five councillors representing the coast at local government level.

We should focus on the many things we do have in common, it does not mean give up their ideals, their principles, it means WORK TOGETHER to achieve common goals, such as control of building by construction companies, maintaining and cleaning of streets, dropped kerbs, obstructed pavements, play parks, provide adequate public transport, a public library, a cultural centre, youth club, a mother and toddlers centre plus employment opportunities for everyone at industrial units plus all the public services that are lacking in Orihuela Costa.

For several years, P.I.O.C served as an online platform for the people of the coast, voicing their concerns and opinions on the awful state of the coast, neglected by the local council in Orihuela city. We are not interested in power for power, but in power to transform and improve Orihuela Costa as a whole.

The P.I.O.C. platform have many followers, their complaints and concerns always led to the same conclusion, they want independence for Orihuela Costa, therefore, it was decided to form a legal registered political party.


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