Healthcare and Brexit


September 3, 2017

I bring to you attention an article in the English edition of the Guardian newspaper of 31st August 2017 by the ‘Guardian’s Brexit correspondent, Lisa O’Carroll, in Brussels.
I quote…”British pensioners who have retired to other EU countries will continue to have their health care paid for by the NHS ‘post-Brexit’, after a deal in principle was agreed by negotiators in Brussels.
In one of the few advances made in discussions about EU citizen’s future rights, the Brexit secretary, David Davis, said there had been agreement on four key areas including reciprocal health care for British and EU retirees affected by Brexit”.

I am,
Yours faithfully,
Roderick B. Roger

Please read p13 of this week’s paper where we have a full report and comments on this subject

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  1. Let’s hope the British Government doesn’t do another U-turn on this.”It is as much in their interest as ours” a quote we hear constantly,yet is the Spanish NHS getting the thin end of the wedge in this case?Britain pays,I believe 4000pounds sterling for each retiree to receive reciprocal health care in Spain.How much,I wonder,does a hip replacement cost.


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