Incompetent estate agents


I was introduced to a buyer by a ”professional family firm of estate agents”. I was given a small deposit but the agent failed to collect a, normal, 10 per cent. I was also asked for a discount on the house price and the buyer informed me that the agent had advised him as to how much to ask!
When we attended the Notary, to complete the sale, neither the buyer, the agent, nor the buyer’s solicitor bothered to attend. The lawyer phoned the Notary while we were there and told us that she had not had any communication with the buyer for a week!
The agent then informed me that the signing had been delayed for 10 days and that all was well. It wasn’t. The buyer’s lawyer again called me on the day to say that she had not had contact with the buyer for two weeks. NO SALE.
I had my furniture in storage and was living in a rented apartment. My losses and stress were considerable.
The agent, and the lawyer that they recommend, certainly ”exceeded my expectations” – from average to abysmal.

G R Nicholson, Crevillent

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