House sale fee


May 26

Dear Editor
I wonder if you could publish this letter for me, in order to see how many expats are in the same situation as me!
I sold my house two years ago, and was a fiscal resident, but the notary retained 3% retention anyway. I have been fighting through my gestor for all this time to get the money refunded.
The tax office told my gestor they didn’t like paying foreigners and have put every obstacle in the way of refunding the money. Now for the third time they have asked for copies of my papers, escritura, etc in the hope of delaying the matter again.
I wonder if there are any people out there in the same boat, and if anyone has managed to resolve this for themselves?
I would be interested to find out if anyone has ever started a class action or anything else, because I can’t believe I am the only person in this situation. Any ideas?



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