In response to Mr Weissman


April 4

“In answer to Wilfred Weissmann’s letter of 31st March referring to my column of 24th March 2016:
It would seem Mr Weissmann has in no way understood the message I was trying to impart, through my column.
For those not clear, here are the salient points:
For 8 years I have been trying to sue the surgeon responsible for paralysing me.
The Spanish National Health have, with several surgeries, managed to repair me as best possible and given me the ability to walk and enjoy at least 12 hours daily of activity.
As far as the courts, both criminal and civil in Benidorm, they could not have done more to help me; personal injury or going up against a surgeon!! Is unknown at this present time.
At no time was I asked if I owned a property, car or bank account. All help from the Benidorm criminal and civil court was given freely.
And now for the most important of all, the biggest insult and most irritating, is that Mr Weissmann wrote that he thinks my beloved dog, Sebastian, is an ‘ex-hubby’.
It’s a sad fact that I do not always reach all the people all the time.

Anita Bond

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