The Padrón saga


April 16

The saga of the “Padron” continues with a fine letter sent in by Graham Shelton. (CBN April 14-20) But once again I’m left floating in the wilderness by the mixed up rules of can I or can I not be on the “Padrón”.
I feel that ALL property owners should be entitled to be on the “Padrón”.
Most owners that I know in my area seem to holiday in Spain several times a year, so why not count them in?
Also at the moment there is a great deal of buildings going up, and with the great demand for property to buy we are missing out again as most will be holiday homes.
All of these new build will need the services provided by the town hall, who need the funds to carry out their work.
All these homes will not be entitled to join the “Padrón” so missing out on vital funds. Whoever thought that one up???????
Every year in March, town halls are screaming out about the lack of people registered on the “Padrón”, and I can see why. It seems that we are not wanted, but funds are.
So let’s make things easier and have ALL property owners registered on the “Padrón” and collect the funds needed to make all the improvements we all so desperately need.

John Felix

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