Historical manipulation


December 2, 2017

We are currently witnessing a great debate on historical memory. Left-wingers and nationalists are making great efforts to silence part of the events occurred in history. They also seek to change, distort and manipulate other facts that appear to benefit their ideology. They seek to indoctrinate all the population using the media because in the end what TV, radio, newspapers and the politically correct propaganda say, is the truth.
Although someone can be aware that what is said is a lie, it doesn’t really matter, as the majority will quash their opinion. The same occurs if there are people who think in a similar way because their opinion does not matter.
If the easily led masses accept the lie that has been imposed by the party, using its powerful media, the lie will pass into history and become true.
Left-wing philosophy declares that who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past. This explains the efforts made to change history, deny some facts and exaggerate others. They hope to create a historical truth, to be able to state that history happened as they are preaching with their media, to foment public opinion. If the party can look back to the past and state that this or that historic event never occurred or occurred according to their version of events, we can say that we are confronting knowledge and thoughts, a dictatorship more horrible than conventional dictatorships.

Arturo Ramo
Independent Forum of Opinion

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