Thanks for TIE expat ID card advice


July 16

Dear Mr. Jones,

Here is our huge “Thank you and Gracias for your article in the CBN North edition No. 2405 dated 16 July, 2020.

We followed your explicit directions and have today returned from Alicante after submitting our application for a TIE card.

The steps were clear and after printing the 4-page EX-23 form; then the Police Report which we took to our Bank for payment of Modelo 790 012; had a Passport size pic taken; we made an appointment to present all these documents including copies of our passports, our green Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión, copy of our recent Padron renewal in Alicante; and now await a two-week break before returning to Alicante to collect our Biometric card.
P.S. The Bank charged €22.50 and not the € 12.00 as per your page.

The weekly cost of the CBN (which we buy each week over the last 35 years) certainly saved us hefty Gestor charges!

Cliff and Perlie Harris

Thanks for your email. I’m glad it all went well and you were able to sort out the new ID card.
I went through it all too and the tax was only €12… but what’s an extra €10 between friends!

Thank you for your long and continued support for our newspaper,

All the best,
Dave Jones

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