Granadella shuttle


September 9

Reference the article in last Friday’s edition of the CBN:
I am livid! This is a total abuse by the council of citizens’ IBI payments, in subsidising the day-trippers to Granadella. It will make the Costa Nova residents even more angry, having to pay for their misery caused by these day-trippers and their parking and poor behaviour there.
The councillor responsible must resign, surely, out of conscience (though not sure many politicians possess one) at this gross wastage. If it is repeated, the council MUST charge for the service, €5 for adults and €2 for children. This has to be the rate to cover the total costs (the €43,000 figure will not include, for example, the extra police costs plus other undisclosed costs).
If the Spanish won’t pay it then there will be less of a problem down there. If the businesses there object, then they must pay for the service.
On another matter, driving down to the Arenal on Friday there were police people at crossings for the kids going to school. Two jumped out in front of me from the shadows and I only just saw them in time. The police MUST wear Hi Vis jackets for this job. An accident waiting to happen otherwise.

John Price, Jávea

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