Infamy, despair or by design


December 4

I thought the Venice statement of an offer of taxpayers’ billions to the EU was a surrender and a betrayal of my country. On reflection, I now think this may not be true. I suspect it might be an act of desperation. Brought about by the sheer weight of 27 countries that is determined to overwhelm us. Or perhaps by a duplicity of intimidating vested interests. Cheap labour? Captive market? High profit margins?
Or even by our in-house elected members (some of dubious party loyalty), who are circulating like sharks in anticipation of an easy kill? Have they forgotten that a future General Election may have unexpected consequences for certain individuals.
27 versus one are tremendous odds. Or, more precisely, 27 greedy antagonists who are relentless, aggressive and devious, to say the least. They would hold the UK as hostages to fortune. Their fortune. Ransom money paid to free hostages is but a stage payment – a blackmailer is rarely content.
If we give more, and accept their conditions, then for the first time, Europe will have beaten us – and the smirks will be terribly wounding.
No doubt they believe they have us cornered, like rats. The future United States of Europe would be well reminded that rats, pushed into a corner, can be vicious. They too should remember historical facts – rats were pushed into a corner of North Africa many years ago: they turned and the opposition ran for their lives. The EU should remember that was the turning point of freedom and democracy returning to Europe. A Montgomery moment.
Can we please have another Montgomery moment?

Derek M Staples
An apologetic 85-year-old retiree

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