Fibreoptic cables in Jávea


Hi Mr Parkes,
I have been given you as a contact regarding info on Movistar rollout of fibreoptic.
At present it appears to be rolling out in Javea. Do you know how I can find out the scope of the rollout in Javea and which areas will be able to benefit from the rollout?

Kind regards,
Mike Giles

Unfortunately, there’s no single portal to be able to check out if fibreoptic is now available in your area. You’ll have to consult your provider (Movistar, Vodafone/Ono, Jazztel, etc) and look up other companies too as consumer organisations advise you to shop around for best T&C. As far as we know, certain companies are starting to offer fibreoptic connections in Jávea from May. Some have their own cables, but the majority contract those installed by main provider Movistar. So your first port of call to find out availability should be

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