Postal vote


March 24

Dear Sir
Having read the letter from Ann Wilkinson in this week’s paper, I would like to say I was about to send a similar letter to you.
I also have applied for a postal vote for myself and my wife. I also noted a paragraph in the instructions for applications that said voting papers would be sent four working days before polling day. My reaction was to say is this a misprint, a sick joke, or are the authorities stupid.
They have obviously never had experience of Spanish Correos. There is no way our votes will arrive in time and will not be counted. A couple of paragraphs later it said if you didn’t have time to return it in time by post you could either drop it in at the polling station or at the local council offices. Once again, which idiot wrote these instructions to people that live in Spain or other countries who have applied for a postal vote.
We need a postal vote because we can’t go to a polling station.
You did not seem to give any reply to Ann. I would think it very important for your journalists to look into this matter and possibly bring it to the attention of the British embassy.

Name and address withheld

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