Depressing advice


Abanilla, Murcia
August 13

Dear Sir,
I have never come away so depressed after reading an article in your paper but if your psychotherapist Grahame Milton-Jones is right in his list of Hard Truths then I think I might as well curl up in a corner and just rock slowly backwards and forwards.
Is he just trying to acquire new clients?
There are a few points that I would like to question.
1) On what scientific basis does he so brutally claim that ‘there is no universal plan’. This is his own view of his life whilst my view is that there is a universal plan of which we are all a part. However, I do agree that luck also plays a part as does one’s own ambition and work rate.
2/3) There is every reason to love your Mother, Father and children. Love does not mean kisses and cuddles but also consists of respect, tolerance and charity. It also means wanting the very best possible for others as well as yourself.
4) As in point 1. On what scientific evidence does he base his statement that God is not listening? He states that ‘if you look hard enough you will find it’ isn’t that the right way. The cynic in him must argue that one should not take things at face value but research. That means researching for positives as well as negatives.
Unlike Mr Milton-Jones, I do believe in God. I will not claim to have witnessed any awe-inspiring miracles but I have witnessed blessings for both others and myself that could not possibly be ‘chance’.
5) People only want you for what you give them. Oh dear. There is a passing nod to the truth of this statement but Mr M-J it’s not about material gain it is about valuing the support that you both give and receive from those with whom we have struck up a friendship. Perhaps Mr M-J is more materialistic than he may like to admit.
6) Can´t argue this point as I have not experienced my death yet but when I eventually do, I’ll try to let him know how I felt.
7) On the point of not putting 100% into anything. Try telling that to the brave volunteers of the World wars who sacrificed their lives to save and protect us.
8) No Mr/Mrs Right? Now you really are kidding. Yet again Mr M-J appears to lead a very unhappy existence soured by personal trauma.
In closing (Hurrah I hear you cry) Mr M-J overall I found your column to be one written whilst sucking on the lemon of your life and to make yourself feel better. Perhaps, you should, as the old saying goes ‘physician, heal thyself’.

Julian Norris

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