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August 11

In response to Margaret´s plea (August 3) to solve her English Satellite TV problem, may I offer a possible solution as the same thing happened to me?
It is possible that some insect has made it’s home in the LNB! There is a hole of about an inch at the back of the LNB – take a stick and gently probe inside the hole whilst spraying with fly killer or similar. When my TV was spasmodic, I caught a large spider with this method. Once it was gone, the TV functioned perfectly.
My next problem was bigger in that the TV would not go at all. I had used a stick and sprayed to no effect, but when my Engineer came and took off the LNB, he found right high up inside a large flying beetle. He sprayed well and shook it out (you have to be careful with these ones) and it flew away.
The engineer said that unfortunately it had to be sprayed or it would have probably come back to its ‘home’. No problem after that with the TV! I had only used small steps and not reached high enough inside.
This may not prove to be your problem – but it is worth a try! I have to say that my dish is accessibly low – don´t know what you would do if it were on the roof.

Good luck,
Another Margaret

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