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October 6

There is little I can disagree with in Alan Skinner’s letter. Except it is not just ‘many of the leave camp are uncertain of what they voted for.’
Surely, it is no one who voted really understood what was at stake. Is there anyone in mainland Britain who gave even a nanosecond thought to the Irish border problem? Never mind the issues concerning customs control at borders, flights across Europe – and so much more.
Of course, we all remember the ‘Lie on the Bus’! A very visual piece of propaganda which remains stuck in the mind of almost everyone.
I also remember the sincere wish for British judges to rule on British law. When this happened just after the vote, the Daily Wail had a full front page calling our judges traitors because their ruling was not in accord with the ‘Wail’s’ wishes.
And, of course, Johnson’s call to bin Brexit at the Tory conference wasn’t backed up by a single practical suggestion on any of the major issues.
Oh, apart from building a bridge to Northern Ireland. Perhaps we could plant trees and flowers on it in homage to his failed garden bridge over a few yards width of the Thames. Oh what a mess!

Frank Kahney

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