Dire dog beach in Calpe


October 18

Dear Editor,
I read with much excitement the article entitled “Official dog beach for Calpe” Costa Blanca News September 28 edition.
As the owners of two dogs, we set off to give them a well-earned run and play as we do on dog friendly UK beaches. I cannot describe our disappointment at what awaited us.
The beach is not even worthy of the name beach. It is stretch of large stones that just happen to border the sea. It is hazardous for humans to walk on and treacherous for dog paws and nothing like the picture published.
The council are clearly just going through the motions to be seen to be doing something for the canine population but for all intents and purposes have done nothing to improve the daily experience for dogs or owners. There are other options like out of season beach access at beaches such as Cala Morello.
Come on Calpe council! Drag yourselves into the 21st century and show us that you really can think out of the box.

Ruth Doyle

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