Expats betrayed


DESPITE the vow by the Conservative party in their 2015 election manifesto to guarantee votes for life for expats, long-term residents in Spain and other countries will once again be disenfranchised on June 8 in the UK’s snap general election.
A press officer for the ministry for constitutional affairs in London told Costa Blanca News on Wednesday that the franchise will be the same as for the 2015 general election.

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  1. Disenfranchised??,How do you think I feel?.I’ve been disenfranchised for the past 7 years since returning to the UK!. Why can’t we read the FULL version of your paper,after all,most of the other English papers in Spain are on-line in full!.Your E-paper needs a subscription which,sadly,I cannot afford…….PS-The UK certainly will NOT desert you when Brexit is sorted. 😉 Benidormgary.

    • The rest of English ‘newspapers’ published in Spain are freebies and thus cost exactely the same online as on the street.
      I’m sure you appreciate the need for us to continue producing quality articles for a reliable paid-for newspaper, this of course comes at a cost that advertsing online does not cover.
      This said, if you wish to purchase individual copies at any given time you can do so via the press-reader option on our website too. No need to take out a full subscription – which does come at a discount price.
      Thank you for your understanding
      Best regards

  2. I have lived in Spain many years in fact I have integrated well . These tories and little Englanders need to remember that in the early seventies the UK was the Sick man of Europe our prosperity
    today is a direct result of our European single market membership ……fact. I am not proud in fact I am ashamed to be grouped in with these anti European dinosaurs .The culture of Europe has changed the UK for the better.I am 69 I wish we could stop BREXIT , now!!!

  3. Yes Jonathan I agree with you it is suicidal and ignorant of the UK
    to leave the European Union half the UK don’t want it either let’s not forget that . May is lucky to have the lib dems and labour and their
    weak opposition . The money we will lose is astronomical and life
    Will become very expensive in Britain, don’t be fooled by the brexiteers who have already shown us how deluded they are .
    Travel to and from Spain is about to become a barriered nightmare .


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