Winter fuel allowance


December 19, 2015
I notice that we have missed out on receiving the winter allowance this year, because Spain is never cold! Why?
Because we deserted a sinking ship?
Or is it to pay for all the refugees bombarding Europe? (Who, incidentally, should go back if Europe’s plan to end the war in Syria comes off – I bet they don’t.)
Not a single letter with regards to this, can’t they afford a stamp? A little information goes a long way.
I also notice the weather in England is the warmest in 100 years – does that mean the winter allowance will be taken back from those in Britain who have received it? I very much doubt it!
The British government has a lot to answer for – 55 million a day to the EU, but they can’t help pensioners who worked all their lives for a pittance called a pension, to assist us in paying for our winter fuel. Us old people feel the cold even more as the years pass by. Who is to blame for this – last I heard it was Ian Duncan Smith. Well, Ian Duncan Smith, I hope you fall on bad times when you get older, then let’s see if you want the allowance back place.
Linda Garfield

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