Cruelty ‘heritage’


November 18, 2015
With regard to S.Townsend’s letter, he states that he ‘would never presume to tell the Spanish people what their culture and heritage should involve’.
I feel sure that whilst most of us want to understand appreciate some of the wonderful aspects of Spanish culture, we draw the line at cruelty to animals. How can culture and heritage be an excuse for cruelty to animals? No doubt culture was an excuse for bear-bating in England in the sixteenth century and fox-hunting in the twentieth century.
We have all seen bulls forced to run up and down streets in summer with temperatures of 35c or more whilst young idiots prod them with sticks and tease them without mercy.
So well done Torrevieja for getting rid of this cruelty and let us hope other towns follow your lead.
In the meantime we must continue our protests against the most despicable cruelty of all – bull-fighting.
Charles Brady

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