What about decent treatment?


March 11, 2018

Noticed the big billboards around Torrevieja. Commitment to tourist quality? What about decent treatment?
I just said goodbye to some of my family and friends who swore never to come back to Torrevieja or to Spain. The fifth of six who bothered to visit me in recent months.
All thanks to the organised taxi business that involves theft, fraud and attempted extortion. Warned by locals, we tried the Costa Azul airport bus, and experienced the same. The most scary and stressful thing was not only ‘the driver’s mistake’ (he left the passenger standing in front of the bus because he did not bother to show the destination, or open luggage hatches), but the striking cooperation with the taxi drivers. All of them refused to take passengers to the airport for the fixed price advertised on their cars.
Since we managed to find another taxi and arrived at the airport seconds before the bus, we could prove that the Costa Azul staff at the bus station lied. The Costa Azul management had to admit negligence and promised compensation. It’s weeks now since they got the documentation and the manager did not bother to answer or pay anything.
Proving once again that Costa Azul company is not better than other ‘organised’ business in Torrevieja.
So why invite the tourists? To provide an attraction like a heart attack? Stress they will remember for years?
It would be better to close the borders! Please save the tourists from this Torrevieja tourist quality!

Kind regards,
Elisabeth Pedersen

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